Gimme Gimme

I am going to do the unthinkable on this weblog and admit that I am an Abba fan. Isn’t it about time you got out of the closet as well?

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  1. Kookie says:

    This is surely meant to be provacative huh Barry?
    ….I for one am quite prepared to get out of the closet as long as Abba get back into the closet and disappear under the quilt of voodoo butter underwear were they belong

  2. Weirdomusic says:

    No need to come out of the closet: I’ve been a fan since the late 70s!

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Not meant to be provocative Kookie (well maybe just a little bit) — I really am a fan!

  4. Kookie says:

    haha well OK…..I’ll leave it at that

  5. Kookie says:

    I guess you could have said “I really am a fan ………of Andrew Lloyd Weber or Richard Clayderman”…….hehehe

    I believe to ‘like’ Abba in England now has a kinda ‘right on’ 70’s laddish cache to it, thanks to karoake and tribute bands…I hope it’s not the same in Belgium…….

    Am I alone in my dislike???…. or is there something in the air tonight, the stars are bright………. Oh Phoeeeeee!!!!

  6. jeroen says:

    I grew up with them, and they have never left me.
    15 years ago the gay movement discovered them and it was very weird to go to ABBA – The Movie with a male friend and discover that there was only one girl in the audience (and she left half way through), and that we were the only two guys who weren’t “involved” with each other.
    Leaving the theater and hearing the whole Vondel Park in Amsterdam singing “Thank you for the Music” is still one of my favourite music memories though.

  7. Bob Again says:

    I prefer my abba with a bowlful of Babbette baboon and lotsa zabba zoom…not that there’s anything wrong with the way you like it.

  8. xorg says:

    Whatever gets you through the night…

  9. scott says:

    I don’t care for Abba. I DO, however,
    like to irrigate my colon with habanero
    chili seeds in an emulsion of sulphuric acid
    and carbon-tetra-chloride.

    Hey, beats listening to ABBA.

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