Chinese Admiral Discovering America?

Well, who knows?…

A map due to be unveiled in Beijing and London next week may lend weight to a theory a Chinese admiral discovered America before Christopher Columbus.

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  1. bernard says:

    Very interesting.

    In 1492 thre was C. Comumbus, an Italian ( from Genua) who got paid by the Spanish king.

    Much earlier ( 1000 – 1100) the Vikngs discouvered Newfoundland as a result of their knowledge of shipbuilding. In Iceland, underway so to speak, they initiated the first parliament ( the Althing”) ever in the world. It’s still there. The Danes came down to England, Ireland,France,Italy, etc.. The Swedish concerred huge parts of N. Russia and finally via the Ukraine ended up in East Turkey.

    The Chinese? Didn’ know anything about this.

  2. bernard says:

    Just checked it. According to Tony Allan ( ” Vikings: The Battle at the End of Time”2002 Duncan Baird Publ.) Leif Erikkson ( son of Eirik the Red) discovered the island Baffin and then L’ Anse aux Meadows, close the most northeastern point of Newfoundland. In 1001.
    The Swedish ended up in .. Bagdad.

  3. Montana Wildhack says:

    The Welsh discovered it as well. We didn’t tell anyone because the English would find out, and we know all too well what happens once the English find your country.

  4. bernard says:

    Ok, we’ll br frank.
    The Mongols wre thefirst. They crossed – high up in the north- the frozen Bering Sea, entered Alaska, then Canada, and further went down south. And became – yes, yes- what is called “The Indians “. Canadians still call them ” First Nation”.

  5. bernard says:

    Sorry, Montana Wildhack, for taking a posture like an academic. However..

    In case you would like to know more about the weird history of the Isles: just buy & read ” the Isles- A History” from prof. Norman Davies. OK, it’s 1078 pages ( not really indigest however), there you find & get all objective, well documented & possible evidence for what you pretend.


    Did you know that the number of lethal casualities, caused by the English / British colonisation is much higher than the Spanish? And …the Spanish have the bad reputation of being cruel.

    By the way the book on the Vikings focuses strongly on traces of Viking presence in Wales & Ireland.

    Barry will agree : both of us are ” a shadow”, call it a morror image – centuries after their invasion – of Viking presence in Flanders. Yes, indeed,we both have red hair ( like a number of Irish& Welhsmen).

  6. xorg says:

    Almost Chinese, huh?

  7. Bob Again says:

    …and all this time I thought it was McDonald’s.

  8. Montana Wildhack says:

    God bless the pedantic Welsh; I said “as well”. I didn’t “say first” ….presuming it is possible to discover something more than one time.

  9. nanook of the anchorage says:

    I thought we were all descended from the aliens who built the Inca Roads.

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