Stanford ’80 (2)

Presenting the last boot of the year as well as the last boot I post from some South-American cyber-cafe — promise: Stanford ’80, Pt. Two. Have a great New Year’s Eve, and see you on the other side!

4 Responses to “Stanford ’80 (2)”

  1. mediocre says:

    Cheers, have a good one!

  2. rfrong says:

    I’ve found that about a 3% increase in Pitch and Tempo make this offering much more listenable. It was only an estimate, but I think I am close. At times it seems like I could have eased up on the pitch a little, but it just sounded to me like something had to be done about the tempo. I tried increasing the tempo and not the pitch, but that just didn’t sound right to me. I used a couple of other shows from the same era as a reference. If you’ve got the software give it a whirl…it’s a great show.

  3. muzza says:

    i think this is a great show and a great set of songs, the crowd noise in high at times but certain gems like frank stopping dinah-moh humm half way throuigh and then going back to the start to have the entire crowd join him…..well that is a concert moment not to be missed!and such gems left me listening more to the content than worrying about the bits of crowd noise and less than perfect sound..keep up the great work guys

  4. Zliq says:

    Thanks again. But this time, apart from the interesting encores, the show itself seems quite boring. I’d say the most boring show among the 150 shows I own. No?
    Well, any Zappa is good Zappa, still. Can I make a wich? Since it’s my birthday next week, I’d love some 88 show again!

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