Watermelon In Easter Hay?

He (FZ) did does and will not want anyone to play Watermelon In Easter Hay, Zoot Allures or Black Napkins – other than Dweezil.

This is from www.zappa.com, and – well, this may or may not be true, but it seems a bit unlikely to me. Shows FZ to be quite a sentimental guy – which he was not. And the funny thing is, that Ensemble Ambrosius already recorded Zoot Allures – with the permission of ZTF…
Anyway, what’s wrong with playing a tune? Playing it nicely? Just take a chance and listen to Zomy Woof’s Watermelon In Easter Hay. Beautiful. I don’t think anything should be done against it. Agains MUSIC.

2 thoughts on “Watermelon In Easter Hay?”

  1. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what Gail Zappa (or anyone else) at zappa.com says, if I were you…they seem to specialise in vague and misleading statements and empty promises so the chances that they are reporting FZ’s thoughts are not high.

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