Stanford ’80 (1)

Hey guys, feliz navidad! Sorry for the lack of updates. I promise regular programming shall resume in 10 days or so… Friday morning I managed to put up the latest boot but was unable to post the message here (obscure internet place in Brazil kept me from logging in, I have no idea why really). Back in Buenos Aires now, where internet connections seem to be a bit smoother. In the mean time, how’s yer bird? Discuss.

8 thoughts on “Stanford ’80 (1)”

  1. wow, sorry guys, too… I was visiting my parents who live in a far no-internet-type place in the country, so I was not able to do any updates… But from now!… :-)

  2. (oh, I see.. you won’t believe this, but we’re working on it… The stuff is ready, the tet (in hungarian) is almost ready, now comes the translation and the tons of links…. a few day – I hope. Nowadays we did not have time at all… sorry :-) )

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