Joe’s XMASage

Wow… Barry steps out of the house, and a new release is announced:

Joe\'s XMASage


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  1. Barry says:

    What can I say? Story of my life! :)
    Season’s greetings from B.A.!

  2. Bob Again says:

    See what the WHOLE prozzzac will do fer a person? WOW! Mrs. Z and her little elves really HAVE been busy there at the North (Hollywood) Pole…

  3. bernard says:

    Barry used to be too much – Ok let’s be polite- homesick, even at home.

    So one message disconnected from adventures in Argentina. The most zappaesk classic recordings are those from Glenn Gould. You do not even have to listen to his recordings of 20th century music, just listen to his two versions ( on piano) of The Goldberg Vartiations ( J S Bach). Great Art from a stubborn pianist, now downloadable

  4. Dunderbeck says:

    Don’t fret — you didn’t miss much. What’s next from the ZFT, pray tell? an 80-minute CD full of the sound of popping splices and squeaking leader tape taken from the reels in the vault? Joe’s Garbage…

  5. ken duvall says:

    Yeah, this release is boredom, but Gail hinted
    at something else being released on Dec. 21.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  6. Joe says:

    Are you telling me you can fit 80 minutes on ONE cd?? I did not know that…

  7. xorg says:

    We can only assume that the ZFT think that those of us who frequent places such as KUR and will buy any old thing they put out, so they don’t try very hard and it’s left to this chump Joe Travers to dish up whatever esoteric twaddle he might stumble across. Hence the ‘Joe’s Bollocks’ series. A tad cynical and exploitative but, hey, this is the music bizniss after all…

  8. Bob Again says:

    Keith’s advice: relax, don’t be so harsh, bend over and take what is so graciously dished out. If you smile a little bit while it’s going in, you just might grow to like it!

  9. Danny O'Dare says:

    Yep, another mediocre, essentially uninteresting (‘Joe’s Yawn’ series), release from the ZFT – giving us FZ releases we really don’t want. Why does the ZFT hate Zappa fans so much?!?

    Oh well, cross fingers & toes, and hope – just hope – that the ‘December 21’ release, if it ever materialises, is up to scratch … (and doesn’t cost a mini-fortune, like ‘FZ:OZ’).

    Discontented greetings,

  10. Weirdomusic says:

    Why so negative? What did you guys want, more 1984 concert material? We already have that, don’t we? I’m really looking forward to this little nugget!

  11. abe says:

    my friends, music is the best. i, as everyone else, do wish there were shows or recordings that would be released but….
    but remember MUSIC IS THE BEST. and patience is somewhat a virtue.

  12. Danny O'Dare says:

    Weirdomusic says, “What did you guys want, more 1984 concert material?”. Well, though a far from ideal prospect, I would prefer that to what’s been dished up so far …
    Yes, patience is a virtue (I suppose), but I’ve only got so many years left before I go to that great Reunion/Nostalgia gig in the sky!!


  13. Dan says:

    Patience is indeed a virtue but that does not preclude us from asking why on earth we got stuck with, say, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man and DM-H on the Halloween album when there was rather more musical things from that group to choose from.

  14. Brian Herpes says:

    even better than REO Speedwagon,Journey,Styx,Foreigner…

  15. PlookerHome says:

    Maybe if Barry went on more Holiday’s we would eventually see that Roxy thing?

  16. PlookerHome says:

    Yes, that is it, Barry needs more vacations! By the way, thanks for the Rufus tip, interesting stuff.

  17. Scott says:

    Shaddap ya bunch uh panzies

  18. evaristo says:

    It appears Barry has crossed yet another border, for once again the official site offers new shiny circular digital entertainment for sale or whatnot.
    (actually there’s no “buy me” link as of writing, maybe they’re just boasting about it in a ‘i have this and you don’t’ manner)

  19. Bob Again says:

    …everyone just, please, remain calm-mmm…zzz…

  20. Paul Sempsci says:

    What’s with all the negative press!! This is the stuff I love the most, esoteric and completely unknown. Seriously, what a wonderful surprise this stuff is. How many versions of “Stinkfoot” do we really need?
    If we get to hear what the hell “Mr. Clean” is plus other unreleased unheard of compositions, then what is the problem? Going into this stuff naked is the best way to do it, you dont know what you’re gonna hear but you know it is gonna be Zappaesque!

  21. nico says:

    Got it , listened today … ugghhh…….
    40% of it is dialog, $19.00 incl shipping is a disgrace,
    ZFT needs to learn to tell the difference between a real release and and something that should be made available to download on their website.
    Only 20 mins. of the 60 is worthwhile, good lord…….. I really feel sick after this one..
    Imaginary Diseases had better be worth it!!

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