Had any of you ever heard of this french band? Neither had I. What tickled my curiosity was a description by someone on the french Zappa-list (you can blame me for the translation to English):

They’re somewhere inbetween Zappa, Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Magma, Nuclear Rabbit, Vicious Hairy Mary and Léo Ferré. On stage, a musical/theatrical spectacle featuring a tyrant, a venusian albino rastafari, professor Siphon Trounezohle, […] a gardener and a pirate captain. […]

Disclaimer: I haven’t been able to listen yet, so don’t crucify me if they turn out to suck! :)

3 Responses to “Sebkha-Chott”

  1. houdinination says:

    You can listen to an mp3 in the “goodies” section. Arm, yes. I think I smelled some King Crimson in there, too.

  2. mediocre says:

    King Crimson, yes. But mostly, it reminds me of Mr. Bungle. Have to listen to it some more though.

  3. Yvette H. (SC webmistress) says:

    Hi !

    Nice to see some people talks about us so far from us !!!!
    Anyway, I’ve to say you can listen to ogg using vlc software (it’s free software) :

    It’s a really good music and movie player !
    That is for our former album and for 5 or 6 concerts that we did record (not always with a high quality !!!)

    The tunes that are currently in the goodies section (not translated yet !) are from our new album (Nagah Mahdi) that will be released in January 2006, distributed by Musea Records !
    The final mix is now downloadable from this section, but not the masterised one… Anyway, you should be able to find this album by you really soon.
    Or if you want you can suscribe to the album (I mean, you purchase it now, you get it later… This way you produce ourself, and you get the CD for a lower cost – 7 euros – than when it’ll be distributed – 17 euros)…

    OK, thank you for telling about us !
    Thank you for the Crimson comparison, I think it’s the first time…. We more often are compared to Mr Bungle, or Magma… Sometime Zappa…

    OK, enjoy the whole thing, and see ya soon !

    PS : The first album is freely downloable (free art license), so don’t hesitate. The sound is not good as on the new one, but anyway….


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