Top 50 Worst Guitar Solos

What would possess us to compile the worst guitar solos in history? I mean, come on, it’s no great feat to list the best guitar solos ever. Just put Hendrix, Page, Clapton, and Gilmour in the Top 10 and everyone’s happy. It’s obscuring reality somewhat, but it’s convenient.

Hehe. Okay, and now go and check out nr. 11… He?

12 Responses to “Top 50 Worst Guitar Solos”

  1. SOFA says:

    Opinions are like assholes – everybody’s got one…
    This guy’s an asshole, with an opinion.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yeah, I don’t think this guy likes music. He just likes criticizing music. What an ass!

  3. Aqualung says:

    who is that fucking asshole cocksucker??? I’m gonna kick his balls until he dies!

  4. Florentine Pogen says:

    yeah what’s this douche fuck’s problem, he had “Willie” in the list, along with a few other good tunes. Saying Trey from Phish sucks? Maybe now he does, but not when Phish was together! what the fuck right does this cockbag have?

  5. abe says:

    i don’t know what he’s talking about with willie the pimp. but he picked a kind of uneventful solo with “demand” from phish, but he put down phish as a whole rather than just that solo. trey had a million excellent solo’s with the band. this guy’s head is far up his ass. i’d love to see his list of the best guitar solos.

  6. jonnybutter says:

    Actually, I kind of liked WTP better on the vinyl edit. I like what they did with the tone on the longer cd version, and I’m glad to have both, but the shorter one holds up better, I think.

    But I guess the guy is talking about the original release, so…feh. Who cares what he thinks? It takes some nerve to call a good piece of music a ‘wank’ when you’re the author of a list like this!

  7. Duncan says:

    At risk of having my balls kicked until I die (perhaps you really need to be a moronic arsehole to fully appreciate WTP) I fuly agree with him.

    I have been skipping that solo for years – repetitive and pedestrian would be my description. You could cut four minutes out of the middle of WTP and it would still stand up.

  8. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Let’s kick Duncan’s balls!

  9. rfrong says:

    Somebody help me out here…

    What was Frank’s famous quote about the Rock press? Something like: “People who can’t write reviewing music for people who can’t read…”. I cannot remember the quote, but it is brilliant!

    Surely somebody here knows what I am talking about.

  10. Balint says:

    Use Google! :-)
    “Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.”

  11. Dave says:

    What a snarkwanker.

  12. houdinination says:

    I haven’t listened to that one for ages. I always thought it was Ponty torturing his Violin. Anyway.

    WTP is a repetitive and pedestrian gem in itself, isn’t it? Actually, I think: it says “I’m a pimp” while it is actually the bitch getting the money in. It is even suitable for english people ;)

    And probably the most accessible song on the album for, say, people like my wife.

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