4 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Commit Parody”

  1. Some of the comments actually say more about the state of miond of some people than the actual theme.

    Anyway. Every american should be forced to listen to more Zappa, as in “Advanced hunour studies”.

  2. Sounds to me like the guy was just waiting for an opportunity to make a statement about his ‘Christianity’ and he used the lecturer’s point about the contrasts between the Bible, science, and God as an excuse. Says more about his own insecurity than anything else if his faith is threatened by something so transient as a passing remark in a science lecture.

  3. I BLGR is right. everytime i wear my “sheik yerbouti” shirt people ask, “who is that on your shirt?” after a sad look that i give them for not knowing i say, “frank zappa, everyone should listen to him more.”
    what a world to where his face is not even recognizable with people anymore. we all need to “dummy up” and bring his music back
    and LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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