Chocolate Poodles

When a Flemish singer/songwriter releases a song called “Weg Met Amerika” (“Down With America”), here’s what happens.

4 Responses to “Chocolate Poodles”

  1. bernard says:

    Comment on comments on ” Belgium” by Americans.
    Strange. Nobody at all, not even senior jazz musicians seem to be aware of the fact that the saxophone actually happens to be a Belgian invention. The name of the guy, who invented and developed it is :Adolphe Sax from Dinant. The new instrument found its way to and in the US and coloured the entire jazz scene…

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    I know at least one American that knew about that (SOFA! SOFA!) There may be more, certainly.
    I don’t like generalizations myself, it reduces the actual complexity of reality. To say “the Americans are this or that” or “the Belgians are this or that” is plain stupid in my view…

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    What I find striking: here’s a nation which de facto, is the most powerful nation in the world. If tomorrow they were to invade Belgium, no other instance would be strong enough to prevent it from happening. Yet, when this little ant that is a Flemish singer administers a futile, tiny sting, it is enough for many Americans to completely lose their marbles and resort to belitteling our small nation. Why? In what way could we possibly pose a threat?
    This arrogance by which everything that is not US policy is being ridiculed, made fun of, is a boomerang that is right now on its way back in the face of the neocon administration. Bad karma and all that. Feel free to have a laugh at all this but if there is justice, the US is on its way to wake up with a very serious headache. Let it be clear that by this I talk about government policy, not “the average American”…

  4. Bertanya says:

    The various links were excellent. I think i’ve learned more about belgium in the last hour than in a few years living here. I’m always amused by the frequency of english language pop songs on bruxelles radio stations, whether american or british artists. Maybe no wonder this guy doesn’t like america.