Some surf-music

Now try to think of a guy, who is american, plays the guitar, has a touring band, makes not only music but also some movies, and also has tons of admirers (mostly but not only) on the web, and these fans trade his live recordings intensively between each other (mostly in lossless format). Who might that guy be? Yes: he’s Jack Johnson. Explore his page: you’ll find his music, his movies, the lyrics, the trading community on the forum, and so on. I have the album On And On. It’s just great. Here’s an interview with him from The Rolling Stone.

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  1. bertanya says:

    I couldn’t find any sample tracks on his website, or in the linked store site. I guess $13 is not so much to find out if you should help his latest album achieve platinum sales, though I think some sample tracks would help. Is the music anything like J.J.Cale.

  2. SOFA says:

    This name has been thrust upon me lately…
    I heard some stuff last week; I don’t know whether it was a prepared release or a compilation. I’ve been told by folks I respect that he’s hot shit. What I heard (admittedly, this was being played as background and I was not listening intently) was pleasant enough, tho’ – to me – it sounded like an artist was playing for a niche. In other words, after a couple of tracks, it all began to sound very similar – like he was stuck in one key, or something…
    And no, his music – to me – sounds nothing like JJ Cale, who is entirely brilliant and under-rated.
    Still, the guy has made a positive impression on some folks I know, so maybe I’ve not given it a fighting chance…

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Aah so that’s the guy who has a small radiohit here with “Good People”. I’m liking it, but to make the comparison with JJ Cale would be overdoing it I think…

  4. Balint says:

    bertanya: yes, there are samples from each song, and even with some videos. Just go to “music”, and if you choose an album you’ll find the lyrics of the songds, and near the title there is a “play” button.

    SOFA: I really turned to liking this music while listenning to it 30 times or so. I love the way they used the instrument, the few “tools” they use, the calmness of it. Best with earphones. I like this attitude – like on the Jethro Tull album called “A Little Light Music” – its mostly acoustic, mostly quiet, a little bit oldish (or what), but really cool. (Sorry, I don’t know JJ Cale.)

  5. Balint says:

    I was not right: you can listen to each songs from On an d On, and I think one song (with video) from the first album.

  6. bertanya says:

    Ahh, explains it. I only tried the latest album before. This is the album i read had received a gold record award, so maybe viral marketing is being tried. A couple of the samples got my interest, and i was more open to the others after that, but did think the sound seemed a little invariable. The lyrics all seemed fairly serious though. My impression is i’d like this sometimes, and it would wind me up on others. I don’t think a comparison with J.J.Cale is entirely misplaced. Add a strong blues element and i can imagine you’d be almost there. This is one of his classic tracks , from one of his best known albums.

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