Big Plans

Dweezil has big plans:

“We have a really big plan for this year, something that we’ve never done before.” Dweezil says. “We’re going to put a band together and play only Frank’s music. We’re going to start in Europe then come back to the states and then go to Japan. We’re going to start in October, so we’re going to rehearse the band for three months in order to learn close to fifty songs, including a lot of the very difficult instrumentals. I’m learning a lot of stuff on guitar that was never meant to be played on guitar. For me, it will be like training for the Guitar Olympics. We are going to create a core band of people that haven’t played with Frank, and then we will have some special guests and Ahmet is going to sing. We want to have our own thing that we do that is free from interpretations of other people’s expectations.

12 thoughts on “Big Plans”

  1. With any luck, This will actually happen and they might even play somewhere near the south.
    I can hope . . .

  2. with any luck they will come to southern ca, where it seems i am the only zappa freak (i know that’s not true but i cant find any of you)

  3. with any luck they will come to Hungary or somewhere close, but I really don’t know what to expect from this project… This all might be good, but strenghtening the guitars is not what I’m dreaming of. But: they might even play G-Spot tornada, as I heard. Welll, who knows – they might be good…

  4. You’re probably more likely to see them in Hugary Than I am in the US SouthEast. Just from a business point-of-view it makes more sense to tour an FZ band where he was the most popular – Europe, New England etc. He never did much in the South except maybe Atlanta. I’d love to see them without having to make a 4 hour drive though.

  5. I’m here only to give my compliments to Barry for the friday boots!!! Compliments also to Balint for the bootlegs in! I really liked Chalk Pie! But, tell me Balint, isn’t time for the may boot? See you as soon as possible! :o)

  6. Very few, and far between. In the last 10 years, I’ve seen Aerosmith, Bela Fleck (2X), and Jethro Tull. There may be a couple of other “Big” bands that came here, but not many. We do, however, given our size, get a goodly number of blues musicians who come up and play in our smaller venues, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain….

  7. Man, Dweezil playing the old man’s tunes?

    Sounds like an ego trip to me, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I cringe when I think of his compressed, heavy metal “wheedly-wheedly” guitar playing on songs like “Inca Roads” and “Zomby Woof”. Doesn’t fit. I’ll bet that his girlfriend will open for him, too. Ewwww.

    Get the ’88 band back together dude. That would be the shiznit :)

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