It’s A WikiWiki World

Touring Can Make You Crazy is “a new website dedicated to investigate the live entertainment activities of Frank Zappa. It’s a work in progress, so new material will be added every few weeks.” As Unimuta puts it: maybe someone should try to convince Oscar to go wiki? Word of warning though: Wikis can make you crazy

2 Responses to “It’s A WikiWiki World”

  1. Duncan says:

    Facts are now often simply opinions; easily debunked, refuted, discredited and pwned, and those who feign to rely on facts are simply using Google links and Wikipedia links, the two greatest sources of opinion since the appearance of the internets.

    And that’s a fact!

  2. Sterbus from Rome says:

    I was reading the review about the petit wazoo tour in the charles urlich pages,as I often do,but this time was different because I’ve just finally heard three concerts of that period.I don’t know why he say that “cosmik debris” is “the same as FZ always played it in 16 years” because that is not true.For 15 years he’s always played it like the album version,even if with diverse arrengements;in the petit wazoo indeed he use the tipical chord changes of the blues,moving to A (or B) during the “look here,brother…”part.
    It’s not an irrelevant point,because it shows how FZ developed this tune from a “””””””””blues classic””””””” through a thing very different and more personal,giving to every sung syllable his own note to play.

    With love,(because without that pages and many other I would be very less fond on FZ music),Sterbus from Rome,maybe a young too sophisticated… :)

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