Zappateers Radio

I’m a bit late with this, but if you tune in to Zappateers Radio you’ll be able to listen to some FZ-related gems such as a ’72 KMET interview, a concert in Toronto from ’84, some acoustic Project Object — and more. I’d listen in myself but I’m currently trying hard not to tell a pain in the butt client to go fuck herself at the office, working.

One thought on “Zappateers Radio”

  1. starting tonight around 22:45 CET:

    Persuations Sing Zappa – Frankly A Cappella – 43 mins
    1968 08, WTOS Radio Milwaukee, WI – Interview by Bob Reitman – 31 mins
    1987 UMRK – rehearsals with Flo & Eddie – 20 mins
    4-Mar 1988, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL – 100 mins
    1978 01 23 Capital Radio London UK – with Jonathan King – 6 mins
    Andy Emler – Tribute to FZ – 67 mins

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