A 100 Years of Relativity

One hundred years ago, a man by the name of Albert Einstein introduced his Special Theory of Relativity, forever changing the way science looks upon reality. To explain that theory in simple terms is not the easiest of tasks — which is why, to this day, you can win a grand prize of 25,000 euros by making it understandable to the rest of us ignorant mortals. Anyone?

4 Responses to “A 100 Years of Relativity”

  1. guac says:

    actually, 100 years ago Mileva Maric was the real brains behind the theory of relativity. Due to the prevailing discrimination against women scientists at the time she was never credited with being the real genius until relatively recently.

  2. Doc Holliday says:

    You people dont have a fucking clue what youre dealing with.

  3. Barry says:

    I’m afraid that’s not going to win you the 25,000 euro prize Doc.

  4. guac says:

    btw, for a less than grand prize of 25p, can anyone tell me whatever happened to the Pirelli calendar ?

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