Rediscovered in ’04:

The Beatles – Revolver
Donald Fagen – Kamakiriad
Steely Dan – Everything Must Go
JJ Cale – Naturally
Elliott Smith – XO
Dr John – Duke Elegant
Warren Zevon – Life ‘ll Kill Ya
FZ – Uncle Meat
Joni Mitchell – Travelogue


22 Responses to “Rediscovered”

  1. mediocre says:

    Thanks to some DVDs, I rediscovered the early Pink Floyd (meddle, obscured by clouds, ummagumma) and King Crimson.
    Furthermore, I learned to appreciate the early 80′s FZ material more thanks to the Gillboots.

  2. bernard says:

    My God, Barry, you look like a mirror image of the FZ in the late sixties, early seventies. His opinion , then was: the sixties music was really not good, wothless. The 50′s were much better.
    Come on, there’s very good music, right now.

  3. Hairfarmer says:

    Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock
    Agitation Free – The Other Side Of…
    Angilique Kidjo – Black Ivory Soul
    Booker T & The MG’s – Melting Pot
    Goldie – Timeless
    Me’shell Ndegéocello – Cookie (the anthropological mixtape)
    The Neville Brothers – Walkin’ In The Shadow of Life
    Orb – Bicycles & Tricycles
    Roy Ayers – Live At Montreux
    S.U.N. Project – Macrophage
    Human Radio – Second (unreleased) Album
    Phineas Newborn Jr – A World Of Piano
    The Gamble Brothers Band – Back To The Bottom

  4. Bálint says:

    I found the first Sade album again. I had it on casette, with 2 bonustracks, which are not on any CDs, that’s why I didn’t buy the CD edition (it didn’t seem complete to me after my casette), but a few month ago I burned my casette on CD. This girl is great! – she’s growing old nicely. Less instruments, intimate sound…. But now my re-discoveration is her 1st album. I love every moments of it – including the othewise unpublished bonus-tracks, like Snake Bite, which is a great sax-solo, and Love Affair With Life. Its a pity it wasn’t released on CD this way.

  5. Dr Sharleena says:

    The early Pink Floyd is the best, IMO. I’d add to the list Atom Heart Mother, a Saucerful of Secrets and More…Not that what came after that wasn’t good, but that’s the period i like better.
    In 2004 i discovered Flip Kowlier, Admiral Freebee, Norah Jones, R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders, Gabriel Rios.
    Rediscovered Neil Young, Steely Dan, Gilberto Gil, Frank Zappa.
    *Bernard: any suggestions? what do you listen to, these days?

  6. mediocre says:

    @Dr. Sharleena: you’re right about the early Floyd, but I was listening to those albums anyway (I think Obscured is one of my favourites, and Atom Heart Mother is also beautiful), so that’s no really rediscovering, innit? ;^)

  7. Dr Sharleena says:

    Why, that’s interesting; i think “rediscovering” means when you listen to something you already knew but it’s been a long time you hadn’t listen to, hence maybe you discover something new, that you hadn’t before. I guess mainly “you” are not the same listener as years before… :)

  8. Barry says:

    Mmmmh Sade. Not many people know this but: she plays pranks on her band members and more often than not, they involve gastritis in some form or other. I read this on the internet, so it must be true. Smooth Operator!

  9. bernard says:

    Hi dr. S.
    I listen quite a lot to music from the Tzadik label. John Zorn is the reincarnation of FZ, however more sophisticated, more jewish, etc.
    And , yes, yes, my true hero is and remains Fred Frith. Just have a look at what that one has achieved. Finally somebody ( also coming from the rock business ) who understands things from experience. For instace :
    Fred : “If classical musicians tried to play what any rock musician can play right away, they couldn’t do it.
    There’s a famous story about when Frank Zappa first worked with the Ensemble Modern – I also work with the Ensemble Moderne and this is a story they told me – when he first arrived, he would play something on the guitar and say “okay, play it” and nobody could do it and he would say “well, my rock musicians can do that” !
    He was basically showing them areas where they would not be able to keep up and that is interesting. There are a lot of things about rock music which are in some ways really progressive compared to the way classical music is created.”
    It’s :,lg_1,dossier_437
    By the way when Fred Frith finally arrived in NY after having created his own Henry Cow circuit in Europe he ended up playing bass guitar in a number of John Zorn projects.

  10. Dr Sharleena says:

    Thanks for the tips!
    This afternoon i’m going hunting to the library, with a fresh list that includes J. Zorn, F. Frith, Afrika Bambaataa and others i’ve seen in this post. We’ll see what i can find…

  11. Barry says:

    Don’t forget Sade, Dr!

  12. Dr Sharleena says:

    Sade is included in “and others”, above :-)

  13. guac says:

    Hey, forget Sade ( and for that matter forget Norah effing Jones as well ) Sorry, didn’t mean to criticise others tastes in music but WTF – I’m on my fifth day without a cigarette so I think I can allow myself to be irritable from time to time.

  14. Barry says:

    Hey, I happen to find Sade and N Jones really… relaxing…

  15. guac says:

    Hmmm, yeah well, each to their own ( are you confusing “relaxing” with “soporific” by any chance ? )

  16. Dr Sharleena says:

    I find Norah Jones relaxing, and Sade soporific; but in this last case, i know really very little, just what i heard on the radio. I might give her a chance if i find something in the library…

  17. guac says:

    Aw shucks Doc, you’re so open minded; an example to the rest of us.

  18. Duncan says:

    For Fred Frith et. al. may I recommend what used to be Recommended Records but is now the Mega Corp. I am not sure if they can supply Sade or Norah Jones stuff. You could ask them and let us know what they say :)

  19. xorg says:

    Bernard is right; John Zorn is definitely worth checking out although I wouldn’t call him the reincarnation of FZ – Zorn is very different in many ways. But like FZ, it’s difficult to know where to start; you’ll just have to listen to all of it!
    As for Nora Jones, that’s as interesting as listening to paint dry.

  20. Barry says:

    Hey, I happen to find listening to paint dry… really… relaxing…

  21. Dr Sharleena says:

    Uuh, Norah Jones! Me, too! Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones, and a bit of Paint Dry too!

  22. Dr Sharleena says:

    btw, yesterday was a relatively good hunting day at the library; so far, i’ve got:
    Fred Frith: Clearing;
    John Zorn’s Cartoon Chamber & S&M;
    Milestones, a compilation of jazz giants playing Miles Davis, that includes Phineas newborn Jr (the only one i could find from Hairfarmer list);
    and…Sade lovers rock! (c’mon, let’s give this girl an opportunity! :))