St. Paul Civic Center ’74

What better way to kick off the last day of the year than with some Roxy-era music! Have a good one…

4 Responses to “St. Paul Civic Center ’74”

  1. Milhouse G says:

    An excellent show, which I (thankfully?) won’t have to take the time to download, as I have a CD-R copy.. Any fan of this period of FZ’s touring career should definitely grab this one, though. The “improvisations” track, while not getting “too wild” at any point, clocks in around 30-35 minutes or some such insane time.. :)

  2. Muffin says:

    Nice one. Happy New Year!

  3. jonnybutter says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for the great boot. Frank is playing the guitar like a motherfucker all night. Yow! In the ‘Improvisations’ track, Zappa previews both the song ‘zoot alours’, AND the smell of the whole album of that name (eg ‘Friendly Little Finger’). That whole ‘sea shanty’ guitar solo is just priceless. Zoot Alours!
    Thank you for the great boot! Happy next year!

  4. divineswan says:

    Yeah thanks, slowly building up a nice collection of ’74 shows with your help