From Whenst Thou Comest

What website did you visit just prior to hitting KUR? Inquiring minds want to know. Just copy/paste that link in the comments (or make it a fancy clickable html link, if you’re up for it). May be the Jethro Tull homepage, may be an Aria Giovanni page, may be the ABBA Appreciation League HomePage. may be a Windows XP driver page. Let’s see it! (No google/excite/yahoo/whatHaveYou portal pages please)

23 Responses to “From Whenst Thou Comest”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh,it’s just an ugly spot,but I visit my Band website,The New Shit Commercial Version…

  2. Sterbus says:

    …and then the list of the 256 most famous belgians.

  3. Finrock says:

    Run by a bunch of Zappa-fan brothers, its a pretty funny site. Some of the older articles are awesome, like the interview with Saddam Hussein.

  4. Finrock says:

    Whoops, forgot the URL:

  5. Scott says:


  6. Hairfarmer says:

    I came here from:

  7. Hairfarmer says:

    I mean:

  8. Hairfarmer says:

    I don’t understand it. the “html” codes I use in other forums, never seem to work when I try them here. oh well. anyway the url I cam e here from before entering all these redundant messages was:
    I came here from:

  9. mediocre says:

  10. St Tan says:

    lotsa info

  11. Bob Again says:

  12. Bob Again says:

    What I really mean to say is:

  13. Bob Again says:

  14. Lunchmeat says:

  15. chadkops says:

  16. Duncan says:

    Pre KUR I always stop off at…

    BBClone is very handy for webmasters that want to see who is visiting their sites, what browser people use, where they came from etc. with easy integration into MovableType.


  17. Barry says:

    Well ha!

  18. Mario Fuente says:

    This is a bit off-topic but have any of you seen the new logo for Toyota? Check it out here, in the lower right.
    Looks a little familiar, doesn’t it? I wonder if Gail’s seen it.

  19. Lonesome Cowboy Squirt says:

    Even Apple built some lemons…

  20. Anonymous says:

  21. Kook says:

  22. bhuana says:

    ah sheet, could have been so exciting but …

  23. xorg says:

    I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d just check whether the ZFT had sprung another Joe’s Surprise on us…

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