Tip Of The Day

How to be an idiot, part one: when downloading a torrent from easytree, leave your computer on all night and wake up the next morning to an email of your provider saying you have no more bandwidth left.

4 Responses to “Tip Of The Day”

  1. vrnzr says:

    OUCH !!…

  2. Barry says:

    You can say that again…

  3. Kook says:

    You have a cap on your total bandwidth? Wierd!

    They cap my upload speed at about 45 K/S, but I can max that all day every day.

  4. Barry says:

    Yep. My total upload b’width is limited to 1,5Gb/month (total overall b’width is 10Gb/month). My upload speed is 192Kbps/s btw (well it was until, well, you know…)

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