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Anything, Anytime

Billboard has a look at the “Zappa Vault Series”: Indeed, Gail Zappa estimates there are 40 albums’ worth of material that could see the light of day, including complete live concerts. “But ‘Joe’s Corsage’ the series will be separate,” she says. “It could be anything, anytime, for no reason at all. We already know what the next one is. I hope it will be available before the summer is out.”

UMRK Redux

Here we go again: the UMRK rehearsals are back up.

A Hole

“About 2 years ago I decided to dig a hole in my back yard.
Why not.

Another Brick

wherein Barry introduces “The Thursday Superfluous Classic Movie Review” while risking to get lynched by a mob of angry PinkFloydians.
We watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall on DVD last weekend. I’d seen the film before but that was in the middle of the late grey 80’s so my memories of it were vague. Before hitting the play-button, I was told to forget about all my preconceptions of PF (pompous millionaire “prog” rock!), or of Bob Geldhof (look! it’s the guy from Live Aid!) for that matter. This of course in fact prompted me to compare them to what I saw and heard. Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of the music score — too much strings, too much- well too much everything — but some of the guitar stuff is great. The movie? Visually an impressive gem (the animations!), the story gripping (Bob’s acting limited to smashing tv-sets, lying in swimmingpools while sporting a look of deep depression), but very self-centered and presented with entirely too much bombast for my taste. These people can probably tell me why I’m wrong.