A Warm Gun

Waxy.org: “Five days after the assassination of John Lennon, radio engineer Rob Grayson compiled a montage of every Beatles song in alphabetical order and aired it following a ten minute period of silence.” Check out the 16 minute mp3.

8 Responses to “A Warm Gun”

  1. xorg says:

    Any volunteers to do the FZ version?

  2. Barry says:

    Why, Joe Travers! Unless of course he’s too busy using the chicken to measure it

  3. Bob Again says:

    …crazy on chicken. I once wrote a letter to a chicken.

  4. Traverlin' Man says:

    I am the chicken. Coo-Coo Coo-Choo!

  5. xorg says:

    As it happens, I once wrote to Joe Travers (who may or may not be a chicken). This was a couple of months prior to the release of FZ:OZ and I asked him if he could tell me which tour the recording was from and what the line up of the band was. He said he didn’t know.

  6. Bob Again says:

    Truth be told, I also once wrote to Joe (aka vaultmeister) Travers. It was before the release of OZ. My correspondence asked a couple questions related to marketing of the disc, since I was skeptical of the pre-release-order process and desired goal of 5,000 orders resulting from word of mouth. His reply was something to the effect that he is “vaultmeister”, not involved with marketing, and not informed.

    Is there a pattern forming here?

    Barry, I’d like to change your punctuation and ask, “Why Joe Travers?”

  7. A Lonely Boy says:

    Happiness is a warm chicken…

  8. Lonely Boy Again says:

    …and an overweight DD groupie!

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