Reggae, Dylan, gMail

Pardon my snicker. A reggae tribute to Bob Dylan: “Is It Rolling Bob?” (via Evaristo who now has one of those ultrahip 1Gb gmail accounts and will no doubt, be inviting me in shortly – I’d nudge nudge wink wink, but then, let’s not get over-obvious).

3 Responses to “Reggae, Dylan, gMail”

  1. Guac says:

    Whatya snickering at ? I thought you might’ve been a fan of His Bobness having penned titles like “Under The Red Sky”, “Walls Of Red Wing” and “Tangled Up In Red.”

  2. Barry says:

    Well Chris DeBurgh wrote “Lady in Red” – ’nuff said…

  3. Evaristo says:

    Speaking of hipness (and the boasting thereof), am i the first to point this out?

    (Probably not. But hey! made you look!)

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