What I Am

‘t would appear that I am a very large salad buffet who loves to corrupt Bill Cosby.

9 Responses to “What I Am”

  1. Bobo says:

    I’m a macrophillic bastard who loves to make trouser snakes. Not bad, especially the bastard bit.

  2. Guac says:

    I am a foxy clown who loves to explore hot bitches.

    Hmmm – reminds me of the pussy snorkelling HP.

  3. Barry says:

    At least you’re foxy! I on the other hand am stuck corrupting Bill Cosby.

  4. Nigey Lennon says:

    Well, at least you guys are SOMETHING. When I tried to find out who I am, the various variables just kept spinning in the void until I got so dizzy I gave up waiting!

  5. Barry says:

    Nigey: try clicking them! :-)

  6. Nigey says:

    Duhhh! I dunno…what’s worse, being a microphilic pimp who loves to smack animals, or, like, nothing? :)

  7. Guac says:

    I would say that corrupting Bill Cosby is probably worse ;-)

  8. bertanya says:

    I was a macrophilic sex-god, who loves to whap soles. Was just too embarassed to say so.

  9. yellowshark says:

    I was a testicular pimp who loves to climb werewolves… not bad I guess… ;-)

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