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Frejus Two

Frejus Pt. Two. Attention shoppers! I am missing track 10 (“Whippin’ Post) from this one. My copy lists “Illinois Enema Bandit” as last track, which at the time (’82) served as an encore regularly – but not on May 29. Sincere apologies, yada yada. Drop a note if you can be of help…

Ring of Fire

I was actually expecting this to happen: “Johnny Cash’s family is adamantly refusing the idea of having Cash’s classic “Ring Of Fire” in a surely classy commercial for hemorrhoid-relief products.” (via)

Bring On The Rumour Machine

Idiot Bastard Son: “Record Collector reports that the ZFT plan to issue several FZ archive audio and video recordings later this year, including Frank Scheffer’s ‘classical music’ documentary, Dance Me This, Trance-Fusion, two films (The Rage And The Fury and The Roxy Performances) and their soundtracks.”

Any Jesus

“I asked him if it had any Jesus in it. I said, ‘Do these songs have the big J in them?’ and he said no. When I took him upstairs to give him a sandwich, my dog barked at him. I told him to watch out, my dog doesn’t like Christians. And he didn’t laugh. But maybe he’s not supposed to.” Guess who FZ was talking about.


If you thought Dutch sounds like vocal torture, well Ha! I say Ha para vos! (Y para vos, y para vos)

… he just smells funny

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Drawing from Life

I could get lost in this one for a while: “Drawing From Life”, an amazing exhibition of caricatures and cartoons. (via The Cartoonist)

En La Radio!

(Moves tumbleweeds out of the way) Via forums: some more Zappa on the radio.

Pattern or coincidence…

If a sense of deja vu occasionally wanders your way, after a while shouldn’t this become kind of predictable. Sort of – must be due for some daja vu soon. Of course the perceptions, and associations which cause this strange state are not always any better understood/resolved for having an eerie feeling to accompany them, but nevertheless, it is interesting.


FZ at Frejus, May 29 ’82, is now available. Didn’t have much time to put this one together, so let me know if there’s a bad link…

Good Taste

“He was a great composer and musician … he was Frank Zappa! However, on December 4th 1993 he succumbed to prostate cancer at the age of 52. This is an exact copy of the State of California death certificate suitable for framing!” —eBay, your one stop for good taste.

Virtual Fingers

For a shot at unvailing The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression, this might come in handy.


One link, a lot of reads at the Esemplastic Zappology Conference-page which was held on Friday 16 January 2004. As if that’s not enough, you might want to browse United Mutation’s latest newsletter. Lastly: next Sunday, George Duke will be appearing on (the otherwise pretty dull) dutch TV-artshow R.A.M.

On Stupidity

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.