It’s my blog and I’ll post a quiz if I want to

I be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yourself?

9 Responses to “It’s my blog and I’ll post a quiz if I want to”

  1. Das'Jesus Roach says:

    “You’re The Catcher in the Rye! by J.D. Salinger.”

    I think this is telling me I need to lighten up.

  2. Barry says:

    Not being “Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play” should give your haunted soul sufficient consolation. :-)

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    I am One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. And now i’m off for my daily lobotomy and a nice fishing trip. Seeya!

  4. Hairfarmer says:

    I am Ulysses. ‘Didn’t know I was so obtuse.

  5. bertanya says:

    I must remember to try to whisper more…

  6. Mario Fuente says:

    “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”!!!! No lie—-one of my favorite books!! Hookas and mushrooms—what?

  7. sofa says:

    Hmmm… Les Miserables?
    I always figured I’d make a great Broadway Show, but I was thinking more along the lines of Music Man or Oliver!

  8. DebK says:

    You’re Catch-22!
    by Joseph Heller
    Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You could coin a phrase that replaces the word “paradox” for millions of people.

    Didn’t know I was still a pacifist.

  9. Guac says:

    Oh no !, Herman Hesse’s “Siddartha” !!!!

    (btw, don’t worry Hairfarmer; at least you use punctuation.)

    Bert – is there a consonant missing from “every waking moment” ?

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