The Vine is alive and well at the office

KUR Corp. is having a busy start of the year. This last picture shows our little commonalty making use of an ingenious deVICe (the Vine Generator) designed to disseminate bootlegs across the world to followers that can’t download them for some reason. People who are not shown here are still recovering from their hangover in the backyard.

Studio Z

Greg Russo (“Cosmik Debris”): “In the spring of 1963, Paul Buff left Pal Recording Studio to build a 10-track recorder for Art Leboe’s Original Sound Label. With Buff’s departure from Pal, the studio unofficially became Zappa’s (…) When Buff left, the studio in Zappa’s hands was renamed “Studio Z”, and Zappa continued his onslaught on the outer fringes of the music industry. The studio’s name was derived from the first letter of Zappa and Frank’s opinion that Studio Z was “the last studio“.”