David, ready for the Women’s Liberation Mov

Former Jethro Tull Keyboardist and arranger David Palmer has had a sex-change operation and is now a woman called Dee. She broke the news to Tull’s frontman Ian Anderson by saying: “There’s something I need to get off my increasingly ample chest.” You go, girl!

2 thoughts on “David, ready for the Women’s Liberation Mov”

  1. Good quote. Dee’s not the first. Reminds me of another keyboardist and synthesizer pioneer: Wendy Carlos. She worked together with Robert Moog and helped him perfect his synthesizer, and she single-handedly made the world accept it as a valid musical instrument. She recorded the soundtracks to “A Clockwork Orange,” “The Shining” and “Tron.” Back in the day, people were very intolerant about sex change operations, so she spent years releasing albums under her old name and shunning all public performance. Rather sad, really.

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