Monster Road Wins At Slamdance

“Monster Road”, the documentary on visionary ClaymationMeister Bruce Bickford wins at Slamdance. Co-producer Jim Haverkamp writes: “Bruce Bickford attended the festival and delighted the crowds with his dry wit and mysterious ways. Some lucky folks even got one of his homemade business cards, which are made out of a piece of foam core and contain a tiny clay dude.”

3 Responses to “Monster Road Wins At Slamdance”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    It would be cool if they find a way to distribute Monster Road via the internet. I’m not telling for free, but to download it with a previous payment. I’d love to see this movie but somehow i know it’s gonna be very difficult to get it.

  2. ken duvall says:

    When’s the video come out ?

  3. Barry says:

    Nothing on an upcoming video release in the article. It did mention though that Bickford is working on a DVD…

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