KGNU says kur…

…and not only that, it offers an alternative which sounds more interesting. Generally speaking, it’s a pity it’s in boulder colorado, however is does have a streaming audio facility, which by coincidence was playing ‘reggae bloodlines’ when i tuned in, so i switched the reggae off from the stereo, and listened in for a while. Can’t help thinking maybe it’s time to get the pc wired into the stereo.

One thought on “KGNU says kur…”

  1. In Budapest, Hungary there’s also an alternative kind of radio that works practically the same way (no advertsements, no salary, just fun and freedom) – it’s called „Tilos (= forbidden) Radio ( They’re 10 years old now, they also have an english introduction on their homepage. Accessible through the net, also.
    On december 22nd (almost the 63rd birthday) we (Hungarian FZ Association! – hehe) were the guests, and made a 3 hour long Zappa-program. It’ wasn’t really good (first try), but it was at least something – you can listen to a recording of it here, at our homepage:
    (the first block is WITHOUT any Hungarian worrrrrds, that’s just music. Listen! :-)
    We were talking about a possible FZ-program in the future that we could make – weekly or so.
    Long live free radios!

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