Mr. President…

‘Even though I disagree strongly with many administration policies…’, well how else would you start a letter to any countries president, prime minister, or policy maker. The reason for this particular communication was the PMRC hearings on record censorship. Well this group of folks with an idea did have an some effect, and I would guess we’ve all seen the ‘parental advisory’ panel on record covers, but doesn’t it mostly just mean rap record ?

Dot Com

Doing a reverse IP lookup for can be an interesting passtime. Here’s what I found:, which leads to a page about ThingFish (and its StageCraft Entertainment edition),, not a website as of yet, but the domain name was purchased august 2003 by none other than Gail (what for??),
the Zappa Institute of Technology, also registered by Gail,
Theater Near You, which looks like an abandoned project listing FZ music performances across the globe,
– and which both have “Authentication Required!” restrictions.
Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Wild Man Fisher

“Hi Barry,
Our names are Josh Rubin and Jeremy Lubin. We are contacting you because we are doing a documentary on Wild Man Fischer. We are wondering if you have any archival materials i.e. photos, film footage, live recordings, video footage of Wild Man Fischer. We have been filming Wild Man for the past 2 years and are documentary is coming to a close. One specific scene in the film that needs media accompaniment is a sequence regarding the September 15th, 1968 Rose Bowl show where Wild Man got up on stage with Frank and the Mothers to sing some songs. We can be reached at or at 323-964-8165.” … help these guys out if you can…