Please Hear My Plea

When Dr Sharleena flew over to Barry Towers recently, she brought with her (among other things) a copy of Dub Room Special. Yours truly was absolutely delighted because he had never actually seen the video in question (shame on him!) — until we opened the box the video was in, and noticed the video had split in two, leaving it damaged beyond repair. Since then, Dr Sharleena has been inconsolable, mumbling things such as “His name is Craig Latta!”, “Oh Nappy! Smokin’!” and playing OSFA from dusk til dawn. This has to stop! So here is my request: would any of you kind souls out there reading this, happen to be in possession of “Dub Room Special” and be willing to send us a copy? Thanks!

11 Responses to “Please Hear My Plea”

  1. Barry says:

    Wheee! Check out the tumbleweeds rolling by in this comment window! ;-)

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    Boo hoo… This video has been with me since ’93, and even when it was recorded over an even older tape (that included some porn spots, yes, Barry, you are not the only one :-) it always has been a source of pleasure for me, because of the concerts -a mix of a ’74 and an ’82 one- and also the wonderful Mr Bickford clay animations… This is a terrible loss… *sigh* (blows nose)

  3. Hairfarmer says:

    I have the DRS. It is, unfortunatley, a mono copy. The picture quality is great, it’s a second gen from a Barfko purched copy but I only had a mono VCR to copy it with at the time. I will submit myself as a backup in case nobody else here be willing and able and has a Stereo copy. It is also NTSC format, FYI

  4. Barry says:

    A gracious offer Hairfarmer, and thanks much for that – alas this here is Europe, and we have the PAL-N system (or so I’ve been told), so NTSC format wouldn’t be compatible. Once again: I appreciate the offer, and so does Dr Sharleena!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well there are places that can copy/transfer from one format to the other so just in case let me know.

  6. Barry says:

    Assuming the above comment is from you, Hairfarmer, a mail is on its way to your inbox. Thanks again…

  7. ken says:

    A broken video case can be replaced, the tape placed inside a new shell – I have seen it done- kd

  8. mack73 says:


    Have you tried downloading it via winmx? I’m almost positive it’s floating around out there.

  9. Barry says:

    Winmx? Me BillGates hater, me MacIntosh-person. Me probably missing out on some good stuff, but me silly stuborn little spacecadet… (what’s winmx about though? I’m curious)

  10. Balint says:

    It’s a P2P file-exchange system, like Napster (was). I have it myself from there. You’ll need patience and time, but it’s available there. But if you don’t try that, perhaps some friend can send it to you sometimes?… :-)

  11. mack73 says:

    WinMX Requirements
    Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
    Pentium 166 w/ 64MB ram or better recommended

    Doesn’t look like they have a Macintosh client yet.

    I’ve picked up TONS of interesting FZ video from WinMX. Lost most of it when my data drive died.


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