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Jeder Mann sein eigener Fussball

“There’s no reason to collude. I’m not there to make his life miserable, but you know, by the same token, if you want facts I’ll give them to you – you want something else, go someplace else.” – Frank Zappa, October 1993. Here is what is probably FZ’s last interview, by Ben “Poodle Play” Watson.


Since us here at KUR happen to think that Halloween is a load of commercial bollocks (And GDubya is a moron! And the Bush-family has close ties with the Bin Ladens! And Oswald was set up by the FBI, the CIA, the Maffia, the KGB and Elvis! Ahem—), this week’s Friday Boot consists of some classical FZ to soothe the senses: Boulez/Ensemble InterContemporain plays Zappa.

Syracuse Lectures

When FZ gives a lecture, you better pay attention! Hurry up kids, this ain’t gonna be available for a long time I think. Also there: a 29,7mb Beefheart video called Grow Fins. (Thanks Filipe)

South Park Republicans

The rise of South Park Republicans: “people who ‘believe we need a hard-ass foreign policy and are extremely skeptical of political correctness’ but also are socially liberal on many issues, Sullivan explains. Such South Park Republicanism is a real trend among younger Americans, he observes: South Park’s typical viewer, for instance, is an advertiser-ideal 28.”

The Grandmothers On Tour

The Grandmothers, a band which I’ve long wanted to see live, will be on tour throughout Europe starting January 7 2004. And they’re playing a gig in Belgium too! Since, apparently, their record company is doing close to no promotion for this tour, here’s the tour list for your perusal:

  1. 7-1-04 CH-Winterthur – Gaswerk
  2. 8 / 10-1-04 Italy
  3. 11-1-04 A-Ebensee – Kino
  4. 12-1-04 HR Zagreb – KSET
  5. 13-1-04 D-Nürnberg – Hirsch
  6. 14-1-04 D-Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
  7. 15-1-04 D-Dresden – Tante Ju
  8. 16-1-04 D-Schwerin – Speicher
  9. 17-1-04 D-Erfurt – Gewerkschaftshaus
  10. 18-1-04 D-Hamburg – Fabrik
  11. 19-1-04 D-Berlin – Columbia Fritz
  12. 21-1-04 N-Bergen – Garage
  13. 23-1-04 N-Oslo – Rockefeller
  14. 24-1-04 DK-Odense – Rytmeposten
  15. 25-1-04 D-Kiel – Räucherei
  16. 26-1-04 D-Bonn – Harmonie
  17. 27-1-04 D-Lorsch(near Mannheim) – Musikth. Rex
  18. 28-1-04 B-Sint Niklaas – CC
  19. 29-1-04 UK-Brighton – Concorde 2
  20. 30-1-04 UK-Wolverhampton – The Robin
  21. 31-1-04 UK-London – The Borderline

For tickets, drop a mail at JTC online.

Blame the PA!

Well hah. I just got the jury report emailed to me with regard to Moonbug’s performance at the West Talent rock rally. It goes:
“Moonbug started off very promisingly with a riff remniscent of Pinback, but the songs unfortunately didn’t get what they deserved.”
Blame the PA: close to no monitor!
“A number like “These Boots” has lots more potential.”
The jury obviously didn’t have a clue as to the origins of this song, which is of course a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking” – we played only part of it in a sort of frenzic Dick Dale-ish punk-rock version; sort of an interlude to glue together two other songs.
“A very nice sound, surely, but the interaction between the players was less than satisfactory.”
Blame the PA: close to no monitor!

Zappa High

If I’m to believe this guy, there’s a highschool in Lancaster which is named after Frank Zappa. Anyone know about this? “Frank Zappa High”, teehee. That must be one interesting school to attend.

Horsepower: 1/16

Remember kids, it’s all for the benefit of anthropology!…

Mad Covers

Have a look at each and every Mad Magazine cover starting from the comic book days of 1952 to the present day. Some very cool artwork there.

Crackpot Literature

Christ, Communists & Rock ‘n Roll.

My head?

Get off without disturbing your neighbors. It’s the new craze that’s sweeping the ocean. Welcome to the world of the new fetish: headphones!


Okay, so it would appear that Dr Sharleena is a Neo-Pagan, whereas I myself appear to be a Mahayana Buddhist … serenity now! (Take the Quiz! – via the booge)

More Nasty Rats

Part Two of Nasty Rats, as promised. If you need me I’ll be down the hall coughing my lungs out and excavating various substances from within my nose that you do not want to know about. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

XO Elliott

Sweet mother of God, I’ve just found out that Elliott Smith has committed suicide yesterday. Having been an avid fan of his music since the beginning, I’m absolutely devastated. Farewell Elliott…

I saw you in
A perfect place
It’s gonna happen soon
But not today

Independence Day

Please Hear My Plea

When Dr Sharleena flew over to Barry Towers recently, she brought with her (among other things) a copy of Dub Room Special. Yours truly was absolutely delighted because he had never actually seen the video in question (shame on him!) — until we opened the box the video was in, and noticed the video had split in two, leaving it damaged beyond repair. Since then, Dr Sharleena has been inconsolable, mumbling things such as “His name is Craig Latta!”, “Oh Nappy! Smokin’!” and playing OSFA from dusk til dawn. This has to stop! So here is my request: would any of you kind souls out there reading this, happen to be in possession of “Dub Room Special” and be willing to send us a copy? Thanks!