This morning, in KUR

Roitters.- 26 Sept 2003
Dramatic scenes happened this morning at KUR office, when a bunch of hardcore boots consumers plunged into Gilles’s container in desperate search of their usual friday boot, to scarcely find 3 and a half broken .wavs by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, and a couple of little shouts Michael Jackson recorded in ’78 and ’81, respectively. The maximmum CEO of the institution, Barry, is showing clear symptoms of the “Rejecting His Own Face” syndrome by wearing a pair of groucho-glasses. “Although some friends started to help, all my kopecks went to my landlady, the merciless Cruella De Bandwidth”, said Barry. “Couldn’t feed the container this week…”
Observers said there’s still hope for next month. Time will tell…

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  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    I told you before, Barry; you should wear EITHER the groucho-glasses OR the tinfoil helmet. Wearing both of them n’est pas élégant. Oh, well… Can’t talk fashion with these mad scientists…

  2. Mario Funte says:

    Hey!! I take exception to that picture! I do not wear glasses!!! And it’s “Fuente”—um, I think. The eighties were a lot of bowls ago!!

  3. Mario Fuente says:

    Oops–I can’t even spell my own name. I can’t even speak my own fucking language! That’ll help me get that job, huh, Barry?? Coronas are a bad thing—at least I have my bullfighting career to fall back on!!

  4. Bob Again says:

    Another excellent production…

    …please pass the floss!

  5. Barry says:

    So erh, is this collage (indeed another excellent production, Dr!) obvious enough as a hint that there will be no Friday Boot this week? *off bonding again with pumpkins, while wearing groucho-glasses and a tinfoil helmet. how long before they put me in the looney bin, I wonder.*

  6. Mo says:

    Sorry man. I wanted to help out but I’m one of those rare freaks that doesn’t own credit cards. Plastic makes me queasy.

  7. Guac says:

    I assume from the graphically illustrative skills of the good doctor that there is someway of telling who is “dipping their rod and tackle” in the fish tank. I’m curious to know where the financial discrepancy comes in – are some unscrupulous sorts snaffling up the goodies and giving nothing in return ? I think that this is perhaps a venture with “no commercial potential” writ large all over it.
    Perhaps it’s worth considering a little bit of “name and shame” if you’re consistently having to stick your hand in your own pocket to pay for this Groucho, er sorry, Barry.

    btw, neither do I think it’s fair that poor little Isaac is left bawling his head off in the corner of the KUR office – can’t someone get him a pepsi ?!.
    Mario, look on the bright side – you could’ve ended up with a face like Bob Again’s.

  8. Bob Again says:

    Yo Mama! Face like Bob Again’s? If I must say it myself, I’M SO CUTE!

  9. Barry says:

    Guac: if I want to ensure that each and every visitor that downloads a boot must also pay some sort of support donation, I would just stick the boot behind a login/pass page; easy. That’s not my intent. Everyone’s free to download, those that want and can donate a few bucks are encouraged to do so. I knew from the start this was going to be a “no commercial potential” deal. My only goal is to have it be a “break-even” deal, where I don’t have to reach in the pocket of my mystery robe… No worries though: I didn’t have to this time.

  10. Name Withheld says:

    “pocket of mystery robe”

    I have a similar robe! The pocket is conveniently removed making it much easier to solve the mystery…(and yes, I am happy to see you).

  11. Guac says:

    Fair ’nuff Barry, I’m sure you know what you’re doing.
    Bob Again; I know you’re cute (least, that’s what yo mama told me anyway).

  12. pat says:

    thanks. i always enjoy the opportunity to show off my developed muscle tone.

  13. Dr Sharleena says:

    I always wanted to be in the looney bin (do we have one?)

  14. bertanya says:

    Holy micturition. Ya coulda said you were gonna take the picture.

  15. John G says:

    I’ll keep paying – just don’t keep hiding me in the corner.
    John G

  16. Salty says:

    Thanx again for the wonderful webpage. Herew is a link I found on Zutalors – may be a repeat:

    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, voilà la première partie de American composer,


  17. Error500 says:

    I do say, I am delighted by my cartoony-but-tall-dark-and-hansome persona. Great eyebrows. Looks like you caught me fondling my LASSO! Git along, Lil’ doggie!

  18. Isaac says:

    Hey, Barry! Could I upload this picture to my website? I don’t like being portrayed as a BABY, but I WOULD like to use this picture on the forum, without pissing you off because I’m wasting your bandwith. :)

  19. Barry says:

    What on earth could you be using it for? One of those “Picture Association” threads you guys ‘n gals seem to indulge in every so often?

  20. Isaac says:

    I was thinking more like a new thread that says “Kill Ugly” collage, and the text above the picture says “Waaah! They depicted me as a baby! ;)”

  21. Isaac says:

    OK, you can view the thread here:;action=display;num=1064976854

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