“Rave Reviews”

The PMRC are alive and well. They’re just operating under a new name – “Focus on the Family”. Isn’t that swell? Have a look here for the latest reviews of your favorite albums, movies or television shows.

3 thoughts on ““Rave Reviews””

  1. Not zat it matters, but zat `fucking mit ze family` group has been around much longer zan ze PMRC. Zat Dr. Dobson (und I use ze term “Dr.” mit some distaste) should be hung by his testicles until ze scrotal sack stretches long enough to hang him for gut…

  2. The censored the “Hell” in the title to the Adam Sandler album “What the hell happened to me?” They must be just as/or more insane then the P.M.R.C., if not the actual group.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Freud, for the tip. Wasn’t sure…I just know ol’ Tipper was in cahoots with these clowns too.

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