5 thoughts on “More Bubbles?”

  1. I’m with Hairfarmer on this. We’ll probably get a similar high-tech explanation some time soon, as to why the Roxy video tapes haven’t been released yet (there’s been talk about this on zappa.com for, what, 2 years now? geesh.)

  2. Gail: Dweezil, let go of your pickle and finish mastering those dvd’s we promised your father’s loyal fans.
    Dweez: Mom, I really, really want to put down my pickle, but I have a special Lube on my hands and can’t control myself!
    Gail: Let go of your pickle and wash your hands this instant, young man! Your father’s fans are waiting. Besides, if you don’t get to work, we can’t pump out overpriced product and won’t be able to afford to give money to paralyzed pornographers, politicians and wannabe artists. We won’t even be able to pay our own utility bills!
    Dweez: Geez Mom. Give it a rest will you! We can print money just feeding the rumors that Frank left all kinds of great shit down there in that musty basement. Just put another of those cryptic messages about that worm Joe, and the the fictitious shit he is doing, on the website and we can get by for another six months – easy.
    Gail: You should take your father’s fans more seriously, young man.
    Dweez: Piss off you dried up old bitch!! Who died and left YOU in charge, anyway? Fuck Frank’s fans. I have better things to do. Now close the door to my bedroom and let me get back to work.

    …fade out to the tune of Lube On The Newts We Got…

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