He is a mad (wicked) scientist, yes he is

Let’s face it, Barry: this whole office is nothing more than an alibi to cover your actual plans of developing a colossal massive immense mutant pumpkin plant in the backyard. You think we didn’t get acquainted you BOND with that pumpkin back there? We can hear the noises! That is our backyard too, mind you! Oh, well… since you kindly pollinated that female pumpkin, i guess you have the right to choose a name for the baby. I like Big Bertha specially! What you think?

Alvy Singer rides again

Woody Allen to present his latest movie at the Venice Film Festival. Hmm, I’m curious to see this one, although in my opinion the last truly brilliant WA movie is a tie between “Broadway Danny Rose” and “Stardust Memories” – with the exception perhaps of the more recent “Sweet and Low Down“. Have any favorites yourself? (And now back to our regular schedule of Mars gazing hype.)