Q-What ?

Whilst reminding us not to distract any nearby dolphins – ‘Dolphins don’t automatically breath, they have to tell themselves to’, this page of facts also volunteers that – ‘Frank Zappa’s mother, Evelyn, invented the Q-Tip’. Well that dolphin fact is correct, but my researchs cannot determine the correctness of the fz fact, or even what a Q-Tip is. Any ideas ?

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  1. Dirk says:

    q-tip is the thing you use to clean your ears with (a baton with cotton on each side)

  2. Al Stone says:

    Yeah, it’s sometimes called a cotton bud.
    I rather doubt this fact because I think we would somehow have heard of it before. I’ve read most available books about Zappa and none of them mention this.

  3. Al Stone says:

    I’ve just checked in Neil Slaven’s book and he gives FZ’s mother’s name as Rose Marie.
    The whole thing appears spurious to me.
    I can’t imagine a modified dog inventing the Q-tip.

  4. sigmund frued says:

    Ze Q-tip sing iz utter nonzense…
    Efryvone knows zat ze device vas invented for James Bond, who had ze dangerous habit of cleaning his ears mit his car keys – in effect, ruining a perfectly gut mini-uzi mit mounds of ear vax.
    Ze named it after ze inventor…

  5. monkeyspit says:

    Simply brilliant.

  6. dmt says:

    Q-Tips® were invented in the 1920’s by a Polish-born American named Leo Gerstenzang. Here’s the source: http://home.nycap.rr.com/useless/q-tips/

    From my observation, many of the “facts” are correct. Others are questionable. Still others are incomplete. For example, Kermit the Frog is, indeed, left-handed. However, it is worth noting that almost all the muppets are left-handed. Check out ANY guitar playing muppet on the Muppet Show!

  7. bertanya says:

    Thanks for all the info. Most of the facts seemed ok to me, so interesting that this should be spurious.

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