Sodeju Zeg!

Amusing little (dutch) article about how Gail Zappa & the ZFT are running the legacy of FZ’s music. Not very favorable of how Gail goes about business, but: entertaining nonetheless. A (loosely translated) quote: “These days the vaults underneath the house in the Hollywood hills remain closed. Sure, every so often, son Dweezil manages to focus his attention on something other than Free Nude Celebrity Sites, in which case he releases an old liveshow from daddie. Just pick blindly: let’s have that one. (And then to mention in the linernotes that someone had the soundboard recordings in their possession and was kind enough to share them with the Zappa family! Sodeju zeg!)”
(Thanks Luba!)

3 Responses to “Sodeju Zeg!”

  1. Bob Again says:

    From that brief passage, I believe I have found a kindred spirit in Holland! The author didn’t happen to mention Ahmet appearing as a “celebrity” (read that son of a famous person wasting his life and family legacy) judge on “Star Search” hosted by Arsenio Hall (who proved long ago his only claim to fame is racial heritage), did they?

  2. ian says:

    Sorry, it’s all Dutch to me. Now would that be “running the legacy” or “ruining” ?

  3. Barry says:

    Have a guess.