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The Finger

Everything you always wanted to know about giving the finger.

My Baby Don’t Care For Clothes

Nina Simone dies in France.

Women & Dogs

“Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. This page isn’t about me so much, it’s more about my hobby. I collect second-hand photographs of women and dogs. That’s right, both women and dogs together.”

Shawshank Redemption

Can’t help but link to Tim Robbins’ speech at the National Press Club:

As we applaud the hard-edged realism of the opening battle scene of "Saving Private Ryan," we cringe at the thought of seeing the same on the nightly news. We are told it would be pornographic. We want no part of reality in real life. We demand that war be painstakingly realized on the screen, but that war remain imagined and conceptualized in real life.

PPMT: Pre/Post Mail Tension

You sure you wanna push that button?

People’s anxieties and fears over e-mail etiquette and the inescapable phenomenon of digital blunders has given rise to a new term—pre and post mail tension (PPMT).
As many as half of us fail to properly understand personal e-mails–giving rise to conflicts which may not have occurred if messages had been communicated face-to-face–and blame the resulting confusion for arguments and even relationship break-ups.


Ten Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers.
11. Bloggers telling me how to run my blog.


Here’s an undoubtedly interesting essay on “Zappa’s answer to the musical language crisis of the begining of the 20th century”. It would be even more interesting, if it weren’t in Portuguese.


Got this spam email today from a certain “Barry, sick of spam? Presenting Spam Remedy. The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool. It automatically cleans spam messages out of your mailbox before you receive or read them.” So it’s getting to the point where I receive spam telling me how to get rid of spam. Anti Spam Spam. Oh, the irony…

Gilles Friday Boot!

I’ve been posting links to Gilles online boots for quite some time now. Today, Gilles got a bum wrap with his ISP, resulting in him no longer being able to upload tracks to his webspace. Which is where I jump in. You’ll find Gilles’ digitized boots on KillUglyRadio territory from here on. You know the drill: download before it’s too late!

My Last War Post

One. The whole damn thingamabob is called “Iraqi Freedom”. No no no. It should be called “Bomb Iraq To the Middle Ages And Subsequently Grant American Companies Huge Contract Deals, So We Can Get Our Economy Going Again”.

Two. Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Slap me with a chicken Madge, but the war is pretty much over, and no WOMD have been found. Oh, oh, but ya know, the American military is gonna find them anyway. Nono, they don’t need UN involvement. They’re very good at planting the evidence themselves.

Three. This is supposed to be a War On Terrorism, right? You honestly think this has helped any? You there, G Dubya, you’ve created a thousand more Bin Ladens. And it suits your illegitimate reign just fine, doesn’t it. War is peace, and all that jazz.

Four. Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are pointing out Axes Of Evil at random? Syria next?  Then Iran? What, so then before I know it you’re in my back yard going about your Precision Bombing because I happen to not agree with the Pax Americana?

Five. Oh heck, look at that, Iraq needs to be built up again. Yeah, you’ve bombed it, but it was for A Good Cause. Many people died, kids got mutilated, mothers lost children and vice versa, museums got robbed, erasing proof of our very first existence, but hey: It Was For A Good Cause. Oh Halliburton, come on in and build it up!

Six. Oil. Let me say it again: oil. Wait, let me say it again: oil. (you got it right Bob).

America: you’ve lost me. I used to be on your side. Now I just shake my head at your mind numbing stupidity.

Bonus question: where is Bin Laden?

Discuss? Discuss here.

I hear you’ve been having trouble with….

“of medium stature and build“.

anyone for Phoebe Snow ?

FZ had various gadgets built into his guitars – EQ being one of them.
This will score your EQ.

Penis Reduction Pills!

Spam We Will Never See.

Chicago II

Gilles is offering part two of Chicago 3/3/88. It’ll probably be up for a week or so, get it while it lasts etc…

mighty buttocks

An eighty year old butt is not what it used to be. Now you can pep up the ol’ gluteus maximus with some implants. Yow! Science!