Is it the springtime? Have I finally gone insane? Yes: it’s redisignitis time. I’m tired with the current look of the site, so I’m working on a new look. If there’s anything you want added/changed/suggested/etc, drop a comment. And NO: I’m not getting rid of the red background. I love red…

11 Responses to “Redesignitis”

  1. ian says:

    Come on Barry, get rid of the red – you goddamm pinko – and replace it with the good ol’ star spangled banner.

  2. ian says:

    not so much a comment, more of a question really; why is the time different on the forums page compared to the time recorded for comments ?

  3. Barry says:

    Aaah, clever question! In the forums all members get to assign their own time-difference with GMT (or whatever timezone is the default). In the weblog, I define my timezone and all you guestbloggers just have to live with that ;-)

  4. ian says:

    Thank you Barry, I’ve been wondering about that for a while now, I know; it’s really sad.
    btw, when was the last overhaul of the site, I seem to remember when I first got internet access I came across your old site ( I think ) which was “The Way I see It Barry”
    When did that go ?

  5. Eric Johnson says:

    I love red too!

  6. DebK says:

    I was kinda fond of the black and pink (I think that was the colors on the old site!) But you da boss, Barry!

  7. Barry says:

    The old look was thrown out somewhere in 2000 I believe… BTW DebK, it wasn’t pink, it was RED! :o)

  8. Bob Again says:

    I’d rather be red than…

  9. johnny darling says:

    Who cares what color you have?!! Just keep on load’n
    up them boots. That LUMPY GRAVY Clip was wackermanized!

  10. johnny darling says:

    AND Thunesized!

  11. DebK says:

    Barry, yes there was red, but I swear there was some mmmm maybe magenta is a better way to describe it. Design away!

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