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You may say

we are a bit obsessed, and you’d probably be right.
This discussion occurred some time ago, but to me it’s still the crux of the biscuit in this war, and not the so called liberation of the opressed Iraq people, as this easy quiz demonstrate throughout the years. And it’s the beginning of the construction of an anti-european-feeling era in the US…Meanwhile, in other smalltowns in the world, functionaries continue to ashame their people:

We are about to face interesting times in the years to come…

Poor Products

“Products that were never made… for a reason.”

Porn Wars

“As a scholar of porn, I look at this and say ‘these are boys with phallic toys’,” sighs Linda Williams, professor of film studies and rhetoric at UC Berkley. “CNN have this special thing they do whenever they introduce a new weapon. It reminds me of the way athletes are introduced in coverage of the Olympics: a little inset comes out with their bio and stats.”
Meanwhile, in smalltown America


Barby Does Dallas. (via vandl)

Guitar Nipples

Um, guitar nipples? Never had those. Nope.

Freedom FZ Site

Just came across an excellent French – did I say French? Pardon my Freedom! – Zappa site: Zappa in France. Check it out! Excellent work Francis.


Love-in? Sit-in? Hah! You silly hippie you. How ’bout a vomit-in?

Sears Poncho

… is that a real poncho or is that a Sears Poncho? Over 1600 pages of pure ugly. (via davelog)

Go Figure

Someone explain to me how a perfectly good audio CD refuses to play on both two (two!) perfectly good CD-players and a Mac G3 with OS 9.2, and then plays just fine on an old crappy Powermac 9500 with system 8.6 on it. (The subliminal message here is: I’m listening to the disk right now, SOFA!)


“Barry, you score 75 % on the ZappaMeter.
You are a Nanook. Your state of “Zappaness” is admirable. You save your money, and don’t go to the show. You can handle most confrontations with authority – with the exception of your mother, crying. It is most important at this state to avoid giant poodle dogs and Chester’s gorilla.”
Take the Original ZappaMeter Test!


“I looked good! I felt even better! People began to notice me! I got an office, with a plant and a window and an Internet connection and everything!” What a haircut can do for a man. Which reminds me: whatever happened to that guy who played John Nance in Eraserhead?

Facts of War

While the “coalition forces are attaining their goals” and the “civilian casualties are being kept to a minimum“, here are some facts of war.

Lost Art-Car Parts

“Throughout Brazil auto repair shops use sculptures made from car parts to advertise their presence and attract customers.”
I love them!

Party For The Eye

Zappa pictures never seen before (never seen by me, of course :-)
Here are, signee by their respective photographers: Mark Green (incredible! Frank has a pair of regular jeans in this one :-), Barry Wentzell, Jorgen Angel (there are more in this site), anonimous little images, a cool poster from the Australian tour, 1976, another one from 1967, a Paul Thomas pic featuring Frank in bermudas. Enjoy!

Don’t get trapped under stuff

“The US government put together a website to prepare people in case of an attack on the country.
However, the graphics they use are pretty ambiguous, and don’t really make a lot of sense on their own, so caption some!!” As the 12 year old AOL-user in me would say: ROFLMAO!