Teen Angst

Way back when in your teens, were you the kind of morose slash suicidal yet creative slash self-pitying person with an irresistible urge to share your deep thoughts with a compulsively secretive diary? If so, why not submit your wonderful writings to Teenage Angst-Fest.

2 Responses to “Teen Angst”

  1. Yashar37 says:

    Manic poetry ruled. I still have books and books full of all that stuff I used to write. Back when you’re a teen and you’re depressed and you think you are so awesome for writing all that stuff, it makes you feel so righteous and ‘better’ somehow, even though you are depressed. Henry Rollins talks a good story about this, sitting alone in your room, with a black towell for a cape, scribbling away on black paper, etc… I loved it! Some of that stuff will show up on my website eventually, to be sure…

  2. Barry says:

    Haah… drop a note when that stuff ends up on your site J!

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