A Wrist Array

Thanks to the good people at Clonaid, I (or he, or we, if you prefer) am able to entertain you with a couple of worthy links. Don’t expect too much, I just got here (and I must say, those Suzy Quattro tapes are bitchin’!):
Wanna be a philostopher?
Some very nice Zappa drawings
– It is never too late to exercise your vaginal muscles!
– By the way, I’m one Obsessive Mulder.

Scott Thunes tells his truth

“I’ve heard so many things about the ’88 Tour that I’m completely confused by it, especially since the only person who was actually there that you can find on line is Kenneally. His site has so many answers, and yet, it creates so many more questions…”
Scott Thunes explains how the ’88 band was dismantled after a huge tour in Europe. Actually what i mostly liked from his site was his way to tell: “I’m not gay!” after so many years…:-)

Handz up!

Ok, Barry, since you’ve been feeling better after that jacuzzi session…
it’s time for thinking on some rehabilitation now: try these finger exercises that will make your fingers stretch very soon (enjoy also the wonderful music!); for a temporary typing tool, you may use the versatile Surprising Arm. Just in case you are tight with money here’s a simple yet fabulous Fake Crafty Hand, ideal to have a big time these cold winter afternoons while making it. Don’t have to thank us. Enjoy! (NP: I wanna Hold Your Hand)

News from the boss…

Barry is expected to be offline next days, kids.
Yesterday evening when driving to a rehearsal with his band, he had a car accident (i’m not kidding, as shocking as it sounds). He sez nothing to worry tho’, he has “a bruised forehead and my right pulse is broken
so they put my right arm in a plaster cast”, in his own words. He could hardly e-mail me cos he sez his type is terribly slow; plus, it’s his *right* arm the one that has to be plaster-castered. So: he is pretty much unable to even untie shoes…
These are the news for now. I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, and Barry, if you are able to see this: take very much care, thoughts are with you; we’ll keep the office clean -or dirty, if you prefer-, until you come back (no i won’t put any Rod Stewart cassette, don’t worry :-) Hope to see you here soon..! Take care!

Essential links

…for very busy, elegant executives.
·Be informed about the latest news in science: “Sex Just a Stab in the Dark for Octopus Down Under”. Don’t worry: Most male-to-male copulations ended rapidly in amicable separation” tho’. source: zFilter
·Check out the new urinals from Bathroom-mania! Groovy! (seen in milkandcookies.com)
·Last word in Penis warmers, aaaw…Isn’t it cute?
Now, where have i left my attaché?

Excellent Bollocks

pdw, of Kijk Eens Op De Doos fame:
“Hitler’s personal barber was probably the bravest man in the third Reich ‘cos he obviously was taking the piss.
– ‘Ah, Herr Frisör! Short back ‘n sides as usual please…’
– ‘Allow me to try something different, mein Führer….’
Moments later, Adolf looked like he was trying to snort a hamster while balancing a burnt pancake on his head.”