Don’t Mention The War

Let’s not kid ourselves: it’ll be war by the end of next month regardless of any UN reports or anti-war protests. So from here on, I promise to Not Mention The War any longer. Instead, I’ll just feed you with links that I hope will take your mind off it momentarily. Your first stop should probably be The Vomitorium. Next, you gangsta rap lova’s might find this version of HotPoop a tad bit more oldskool. A must have appliance is the Rocking Horse Shit Turbo Extractor. And finally, the State Of The Union Drinking Game should keep you entertained (and increasingly drunk for that matter) on this day.

8 Responses to “Don’t Mention The War”

  1. Bob Again says:

    ..and speaking of Johnny Cash, have you heard his version of “One” on American III: Solitary man?

  2. dmt says:

    No, but it sounds quite interesting. “I Walk the Line” rocks! Mr. Cash is and always will be THE man in black. I’d love to play the State of the Union Drinking Game with him, although I’m not sure he’d be up to it.

  3. Bob Again says:

    Seriously, check it out when you get the chance. I usually don’t appreciate “other” interpretations of already great music, but this is better than the original – for me, anyway.

  4. Barry says:

    American Recordings III is equally excellent as “The Man Comes Around” – absolutely. Cash’s cover of “Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode) is one of the most bizarre yet wonderful covers I’ve heard in recent years.

  5. Bob Again says:

    Thanks for this comment, Barry. I mis-read it the first time and went on a search to see where Personal Jesus appears. I have been hesitating to purchase American IV, but I am now heading out the door to the record shop! Do you get a commission?

  6. Barry says:

    All I get out of it is my own personal jesus :)

  7. Dr Sharleena says:

    I’ve been listening to Cash’s version of Personal Jesus on the radio last days. I dunno too much about Mr Cash (i wish i would!) but his rendition is great! If it’s in American IV, go get it Bob!

  8. Dr Sharleena says:

    In fact, i never had the occasion to listen to the original Cash version of Ring of Fire…A search on the net gave me this site:, where is listed a bunch of versions of the song (btw: Zappa changed the lyrics enough, isn’t it?)

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