By popular request and since the FAQ is rather unclear about it: the upcoming release (fall ’03) of “Trance-Fusion” is a collection of unreleased Zappa guitar solo’s, apparently not focusing on any particular era. An “advanced copy” leaked as early as 1993, revealing the following track-list:

  1. Chunga’s Revenge
  2. Bowling On Charon
  3. Good Lobna
  4. A Cold Dark Matter
  5. Butter Or Canons
  6. Ask Dr. Stupid
  7. Scratch & Sniff
  8. Trance-Fusion
  9. Gorgo
  10. Diplodocus
  11. Soul Polka
  12. For Giuseppe Franco
  13. After Dinner Smoker
  14. Light Is All That Matters
  15. Finding Higg’s Bison
  16. Bavarian Sunset

4 thoughts on “Trance-Fusion”

  1. You seem particularly well informed about this.
    Obviously we all know Chungas Revenge but what about the other tracks listed ? Are we going to get some lovely little nuggets in there ? Is it like the other “Guitar” sets where we can play spot the tune which provides the solo? Whatever it is I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Well I’m hardly an authority ian (information is not knowledge!)… I culled the info from one of the many Zappa yahoo-groups (Zappa-List to be exact). I’ve read someone who stated it was the best “guitar” album in the FZ catalogue. We’ll have to wait and see…

  3. thanks Bob Again – checked out the donlope site for the info. I agree it’s a great site and answered my questions.
    lookin’good !

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