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  1. yeah, well…Since we are not included in the survey field, being an Argentinian lady myself (and a rigorous scientist, you know :-), i can tell you: we fit in the whopper 53 percent that likes to be kissed in the neck. No doubt. But, a relatively high percent of us admits a fondness to be kissed on “unspecified, X-rated body parts,” and that’s why i think we are not included in the survey…Too complicated to label us :-)

  2. Ears, necks, bellies, etc. – all fine, but so ordinary. Who’s into armpits? Nostrils? Elbows? Looks like the minorities have been overlooked once again.

  3. …yes, that’s true. Looks like nobody is into toes, ureters, pudendal nerves, sigmoid colons, flexor retinaculum muscles, huh? You are absolutely right, dmt…

  4. One last word on the Kegelmaster topic.
    You see, the Kegelmaster program is part of KUR internal policy: every employee at KUR has a determined amount of kegeldevICEs available per month. Under my learned *medical* advice, even Testy the Testerd and our General CEO, Barry himself have been using them (although they couldn’t found yet their own vaginal muscles –too bad, you guys should know your body in order to get the best benefits from it!)
    Meanwhile, at this very moment, more than 326 KUR employees are happily following their Kegels routines, in each stage of this blessed corporation’s building. Yes, yes, Barry, they have their tinfoil helmets on, don’t worry..!
    In my personal case: two or more than two Kegelmasters a day for 1 employee is just a problem for our budget. That’s why I have to order the reinforced ones, and, for God’s sake, control a little bit my strength!
    Although i still don’t get what all this has to do with fantasies…

  5. *press talk button*
    Dr, i told you before: i won’t use that kegelmastah thingy on me; NO WAY!
    over and out

  6. Er, the kegelmeister is also an incontinence cure. So i guess these fantasies are illuminated by a blue light ?

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