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  1. Ah, Ballentine’s XXX. Before Budweiser became the “King of Beers”, The title belonged to Ballentines…
    As AB claims the “King” title for Bud due to worldwide sales, so Ballentines used to be the leader – before AB snagged the US Government contract from them. Yup, Ballentine’s XXX used to be THE beer of the US military – right up thru the Korean war. Then, Bud got the go just before Viet Nam, and the rest is Beer history…
    Oddly enough, tho Ballentine’s XXX was not much of a beer, the Ballentine Company made an India Pale Ale that was pure ambrosia! No longer made, I’m afraid, but a damn fine brew right up to the early ’90s.
    Yours in suds,

  2. It was only a matter of when you were going to comment on this one, Sofa! ;-) In fact I discovered a great Belgian beer just recently called “Grimbergen”. Now that’s what I call deeelicious…

  3. Are they discussing beer again on AFFZ? I’ve been out in the woods howling at the moon and missed out, darn! Also a hint for beer bathers….don’t do it if you have a yeast infection. It only makes it worse!

  4. I’ve had a few rotten beers in my time but I usually forget the names of them ( not a great way of avoiding them in the future though ).
    I do remember one particular horror which was flourescent green and tasted like grass cuttings (perhaps it was !).
    In this part of the world (Scotland) I would vote for Lorimar and Clarks IPA as the finest.
    Last year the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh did a short run of a real ale called Double Scotch (it was finished off in whisky casks) this one measured 7.5 abv – admittedly there are stronger ones around – but I remember this one because I got into a particularly dysfunctional state on it.
    Scotland no longer has its own airline but it does have some good beers so perhaps we don’t qualify for nation status according to FZ’s definition.

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