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Global Announcement

On March 8th 2003 something extraordinary will be posted on this site
Something that will shock you
Something that could have Global implications
Something that will make you want to rethink your future…

(No not here, here!)

It is never too late…

I know, i know october is almost gone, but The Chrome Dinette is still offering You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Volume 4 for every lacking zappafan (like me :-) until the end of the month.
Thanks John for letting me enjoy it for the first time! I feel like one of the 16 vestal virgins that were leading for the coast :-)

So sue Him!

“My attorney says Mother Nature isn’t a recognized deity. But God is another matter. And after the third time I said, ‘I’ve had enough! Now I’m mad. This is harassment, pure and simple.” Man struck by lightning files lawsuit against God.

Badly Misheard

badly_misheard.jpg Badly Misheard Instructions

Breaking News

“He really tried a good one there, he did,” commented Todd Jenkins. “But we’ve investigated it thoroughly, and we’re pretty certain it’s a hoax. He’s just trying to mislead us.”
Washington sniper not God, FBI confirms

Punk Girls

Torn black fishnet stockings anyone? Over 1700 pictures of punk girls.

American Lies

Woody Harrelson in The Guardian: “We grew up believing that Columbus actually discovered America. We still celebrate Columbus Day. Columbus was after one thing only – gold. As the natives were showering him with gifts and kindness, he wrote in his diary, "They do not bear arms … They have no iron … With 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." Columbus is the perfect symbol of US foreign policy to this day.”

Areolae Maxima

“Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have found myself in need of new nipples, including areolae. I am inviting you to help design the areolae.

Looking For Love



Top 95 Lines That Would Sound Cool If Read By Darth Vader. Personally, I think these would also have a nice ring to it: “Blow it out yer ass motorcycle man!”, or “What happened to all the fun in the world?” (More lists here)

Yasser Costanza

This page attempts to guess the dictator or sitcom character you have in mind by asking you a series of yes/no questions. It lacks some accuracy though: it guessed the person I had in mind was Yasser Arafat, when in fact I had answered all the questions with George Costanza in mind.

Sorry, just one more

It just popped up in my monitor: what kinda sick mind could have created this site about Sean Connery..?!:-P (attu) Ok, i’m going…Oh, but i haven’t spoke about the Canadian man who agreed to have breast implants as part of a bet two years ago and…arrrgh…! somebody shoot me…you didn’t have to do that…i was just leaving…arrrghh

Guess which is mine..? :-)

britney spears

Your Inner Blonde is Britney Spears

“Whee! I’m a virgin. Look at my butt crack!”

If everyone were as dumb as you, you’d be able to pull that one off.

But, you do get props for being one of the richest women around!

Who’s *Your* Inner Dumb Blonde? Click Here to Find Out!

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Atention yellow shark readers: here’s an exquisite prawnography site (not safe for work) Include graphic visual depiction’s and descriptions of a fishy nature. Bob, watch out for the irritating pop up windows..! :-) seen in: relicious

Now, where’s my bhurka…?

Remember that cutie taliban you knew from your ’87 promotion in the old Kabul Flight Training School? Now you can find him again through the internet! See Taliban Reunited, the one stop place to reunite, and find out what your old terrorist chums and captives are doing now. Pretty cul!! (via