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Happy Halloween

Proof that SOFA is a master pumpkin warrior. Sublime carving skills!

Analog nostalgia

“The cassette was invented to make sure that you would not have to listen your mother, in any environment, but especially in the car, from the ages of 13 to 15.

Please take off those headphones.

I’m not going to tell you again.
I was talking to you and you weren’t even hearing me.

Can you hear me?”

To my beloved, overused, stretched magnetic tapes collection. (seen in metafilter)

Have I Got News For You!

What the hell? Angus Deayton has been sacked as presentor from the satyrical BBC news show Have I Got News For You, following his “alleged cocaine use and encounters with prostitutes”. Damn! (…is the right answer)


It is a pleasure to announce that my credit card has officially been charged $47.95 – by Barfko Swill :-) The amount was taken from my account on October 14 (4 days after my FZ:OZ purchase); so excuse me whilst I go on a drooling frenzy beside my snailmailbox, which might just take up several weeks…

Magic Band Reformed

The reformed Magic Band are set to play three live dates – one in the United States (Los Angeles, June 2003) and two in the UK (London and East Sussex, April 2003) and are planning to release an album of the reformed Magic Band playing Beefheart classics in spring/summer 2003. The Captain will not be appearing. (Hat tip: Bob Again)

“Dear Saddam, How can I help?”

Via according to this article in Wired News, it is posible (and relatively easy) to hack Saddam Hussein’s e-mail contents. Apparently, the guy receives messages from all over the world, offering advice and asistance! He is becaming very popular, lol…
People who want to do the same with George Bush, can visit his homepage here. Don’t leave him alone!

A slowly fading sense of reality

This is such a splendid demonstration of American neo-conservative thinking (check the “Shari’a in Europe” poll), that it actually becomes funny. Strange Little Charles, Where Are You Going?

Trick or Treat

Six new tracks are now available from The Big Note, featuring nothing but cuts from Zappa’s Halloween concerts!

Realistic Internet Simulator

This one is dedicated to BobAgain!

The Bush Burns Connection

President Bush and energy magnate Montgomery Burns walk together after arriving at Camp David Saturday, Sept. 14, 2002, in Thurmont, Md. The President is said to have expressed “great interest” in Burns’ proposal to extinguish the sun.

Thank god I’m still on OS 9 :-)

Build a face

Build a Face. Fascinating!
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Worst Band Ever

Worst Band Ever. I’m sure you have your own favorite big time sucker.

Cereal Archives

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I miss the show about nothing

“Comedian”: a documentary about Jerry Seinfeld with thoughts on the pains of the creative process and the insecurities of the artistic temperament. Unfortunately, i’m sure just Americans will be able to see it…Contains profanity! Ooooh!! :-)