Selling Out

The Doors’ John Densmore on selling out: “So, in the spirit of the Bob Dylan line, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears,” we have been manipulated, begged, extorted and bribed to make a pact with the devil.”

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  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    “What is happiness? More money? More fame?
    I don’t want “Anarchy, Now,” a worn-out hippie phrase, but I would like to see a middle class again in this country.”

    Quoting Deb from a comments window below:
    It’s beginning to happen now. Their will be two classes of people in this country: The rich and the very poor.

    Interesting ranting.
    I wonder which was Frank’s position about the use of songs as backgrounds for commercials…

  2. Bob Again says:

    I like this guy. Densmore has always sort of been in the background from my perspective, but I clearly like his perspective as it relates to the commercialization of music. I appreciate we all need to make a buck; but there are good ways and bad, and Densmore says he really doesn’t need the do re mi. I think it is a Jaguar (they’re Ford now, right?) commercial running now using a Clash anthem (London Calling) to hawk wheels. Very weird to me. Kind of like Reagan quoting “Born in the USA”. Very weird.

    Anyway, Frank never wrote anything the ad agencies would want to use, unless they start mass marketing inflatable partners. I’d be interested to know if Gail gets any offers. I’d really be disappointed to hear a FZ solo, for instance, in the background of the latest overengineered, overpowered, petrochemical by-product spewing SUV. I think that would be the day I crawl into the cave (undisclosed location) and pull the rock over the entrance.

  3. DebK says:

    Anyway, Frank never wrote anything the ad agencies would want to use, unless they start mass marketing inflatable partners.

    I’d like to see that, Bob! Interestingly enough, that was the subject of a very short thread on KUR forum.

    The ad agencies can use any kind of music for their commercials and are real experts at it, since they have been doin it for about 50 years now. I thought Run Home Slow would make a great SUV commercial. At one time I thought (and most people agreed with me) that it would be SACRILEGE if a Beatles tune would be used for a commercial. Well, its happened, don’t look too shocked!

    And it is sad when a group gets defined by that song that gets used to death. Like Queen with We Are The Champions. I love Queen, they did many fantastic things. Now, when you think of Queen you think of sports? Siiiick. So it could happen if some young ad exec “discovered ” FZ and thought it was worth it. Zappa family seems to be needing money right now! I think Frank would have said, “Go for it!” After all, he did get a Clio for a cough drop commercial!

    Sorry about my liberal rant, Sharl. It’s the only one I know! None of the corporations give a rat’s ass about your health, wealth or safety.

  4. Bob Again says:

    DebK, you are so right. I was also thinking of a couple things when I was writing the above:

    1. I can’t even stomach what was once one of my favorite albums – Who’s Next. Even if someone plays it seriously anymore, I think it’s a commercial for a Nissan. Everyone knows my car is the Toyota Vendetta! Arghh!

    2. I had never read the New Yorker article about Gail posted on the new website. While she is free to give her money away as she pleases, I really hoped it would be for some cause more specific than the democratic party. Since a tiny sliver of what she has to give away came from my pocket, I think I can voice a tiny sliver of an opinion. You’re right; if she is as generous as they say, she could probably use the dough. I just hope she doesn’t sign away Frank’s music to pad some political party’s general sludge fund.

    As an aside, you will be amused to know the neighbor has a crew of landscapers in her yard today. They are entertaining me with hi volume, lo fi, classic rock radio – now playing – KRAAAA-ZEEEE ON EWE!!! Ah, the sounds of a beautiful late summer day!

  5. Barry says:

    … and the thread DebK mentions about FZ & commercials would be here!

  6. Bob Again says:

    Thanks! I hadn’t seen that.

    I’m looking forward to the Anusol commercial.

    A personal story you may, or may not, be interested in. Stop reading now, if not. While preparing myself for a certain medical procedure recently, I decided the process needed a little background music. A little story put to music about Michael Kenyon – The Illinois Enema Bandit….I heard he’s on the loooose….Roy would have been proud, as well.

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